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Safety glasses are not just for dangerous technical work, they can shield your precious eyes from anything from splashes to respiratory droplets to flying metal to irritant sprays. The most common professions that require safety glasses are medics, carpenters, welders and electricians. If the work you are doing has a risk of any substances entering your eye, no matter how big or small they are, it is vital to keep your eyes protected. This can include infected vapour droplets that carry illnesses like Covid-19. Consequently, safety glasses have never been more valuable. We offer safety glasses and face shields to keep you as safe as possible during the pandemic, and you can increase your protection by pairing the safety glasses with latex gloves and a mouth and nose covering face mask to avoid contact with harmful bacteria.


Eye protection is more important now than ever before. As a result, we strive to make safety glasses South Africa as affordable as possible. If the work you are doing is also quite intricate, it is highly recommended you look into prescription safety glasses South Africa. It can be hard to find as it is rare that there is a lens the same size and shape as safety glasses as they offer all round shield protection. As a result, it is highly recommended to wear your normal glasses beneath a plastic face shield. Alternatively, invest in contact lenses to wear underneath your safety glasses South Africa. 


The best safety glasses and safety goggles offer full all round protection, including your peripheral vision. This means that any flying objects near you will be stopped even if they try to contact your eyes via the side of your face. An example of such full protection is the SL-09 safety goggle frame. In addition, the SL-60 is a good option, and comes with dustproof, anti-fog and anti-splash coatings. Both these safety glasses are available at SmartBuyGlasses with a best price guarantee.