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Women’s Glasses

Choosing the right pair of women’s glasses can prove difficult because of the sheer amount of choice online and in-store. And let’s not forget that ensuring your chosen frames match every outfit is vital. With SmartBuyGlasses, you are guaranteed to find your dream pair of glasses.


How to pick the right women’s glasses for your face

Choosing a pair that really ‘suits’ you can be a challenge, especially if you currently wear glasses and are opting for a completely different style. You might have tried on twenty pairs in your local opticians and feel that none of the women’s glasses are for you! Online retailers offer hundreds of choices for women’s glasses, much more so than in-store, but this can feel overwhelming. To help you decide which women’s frames are right for you, we have a face shape guide that will allow you to determine your face shape!


Although this is a loose guide, whatever frame you like will work for you no matter what! If you’re still concerned your selected women’s glasses won’t suit you, give our Virtual Try-On tool a go! Gone are the days of tirelessly trying on frame after frame in the opticians. All you need to do is get out a laptop or mobile phone and select your favourite women’s frame! What are you waiting for?


Women’s prescription glasses

One concern you might have is if your prescription will be correct if you order online glasses. With SmartBuyGlasses, you can expect your prescription to be 100% accurate for all women’s prescription glasses.Once you select a frame you like, you can add on your correct prescription at checkout, whether it be progressive, distance or reading lenses.


Women’s blue light glasses

An additional feature to opt for when purchasing women’s prescription glasses is blue light coating. Blue light glasses are the biggest trending frame type in the 21st century. Ensuring we protect our eyes from harmful blue light emitted from digital devices is a must in today's digital age. Technology is here to stay, and your career may involve staring at screens all day. Women’s blue light glasses are an investment for your eyes. The zFORT© technology provides a ‘fort-like’ protection to your eyes and prevents blue light from penetrating your eyes. This will help reduce sleepless nights, eye strain, dry eye and headaches if you spend a substantial amount of time looking at digital devices. Why not give women’s blue light glasses a try? Let’s put your eye health first, together!


What women’s glasses are in style?

Now that all the technical features are out of the way, let’s move on to the fun part: STYLE! Ensuring you can see effectively and that your eyes are protected are of course the first priority. But, making sure you feel confident in your fantastic frames is just as important, especially if you’ll be wearing them every day. Some women’s glasses are timeless and will never go out of fashion: the cat-eye, browline, wayfarers, aviators and round women’s glasses.


Women’s designer glasses

You're in the right place if you’re seeking either designer brands or budget-friendly frames that everyone can enjoy. Below we have outlined just a fraction of some of the women’s designer glasses SmartBuyGlasses offers in various colours, shapes and sizes.



Ray-Ban crafts top-tier women’s glasses and is the current leader in prescription eyewear, providing timeless style, authenticity and premium lenses. The iconic logo is unmistakable and the epitome of cool. Delve into rectangle frames, geometrics and everything in between. There’s a Ray-Ban frame for everyone.



As one of the world’s most renowned luxury brands, Gucci women’s designer glasses are some of the most highly coveted eyeglasses in the world. Exclusively made in Italy, expect glamorous styles combined with the highest quality with Gucci frames. Find your luxury pair of women’s glasses with Gucci.


Tom Ford

Tom Ford eyewear emits elegance and unmatched style, which makes a statement for all occasions. Browse simply stunning frames in all colours and patterns that will get you noticed in any room. Tom Ford has a huge range of women’s glasses for you to dive into.



If you’re more athletic but still want a stylish pair of women’s glasses, Nike has a pair just for you. The Nike eyewear collection matches the high standards set by Nike footwear and clothing, with long-lasting quality and performance in mind. Many unique features, such as ultra-lightweight frames and ventilated nose bridges, allow air to flow, which is why athletes favour Nike women’s glasses.


Can men wear women’s glasses?

Good news – many of our women’s glasses can be worn by men, as a substantial amount of our frames are unisex. To ensure your chosen women’s prescription glasses are the correct size for you, find your pupillary distance.  This is the distance between the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other, which allows our experts to make your lenses with the prescription sitting exactly where your eyes need them to be.


Don’t forget to use the Virtual Try-On tool to see if your chosen women’s glasses are right for you! So, whether you choose to opt for women’s blue light glasses with your prescription frames, or choose a designer pair over a budget-friendly pair, SmartBuyGlasses has an array of women’s glasses to love. Start shopping from the comfort of your own home today!