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Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley is about creating performance eyewear that offers you both style and endurance. Their iconic Oakley sunglasses have created an unparalleled new experience in elite sports eyewear. Their prescription sunglasses also provide you with an opportunity to excel without compromise in either vision or performance. Using groundbreaking, patented technology Oakley has redefined sports sunglasses forever.


And, with SmartBuyGlasses, there's no need to find a physical Oakley store, shop your favourite model online where we offer a price match guarantee, a 24-month warranty, and FREE shipping. Our most popular models are the Oakley OO4060 CROSSHAIR Polarized and the Oakley OO9013 FROGSKINS.


Never settle for second best.


Oakley’s Origins


Did you know, the Oakley brand was named after its founder’s dog? The line of sunglasses was also derived from motocross handle grips. The inventor of Oakley, James Jannard, aka Jim, was passionate about all things biking. To improve athlete performance, he created a grippy material he coined Unobtanium. It was designed to reduce slippage even in the wettest conditions. Eventually, the material was used on sunglasses when Jim launched a line of motocross goggles. The rubber is used on the nose pads and arms to offer a secure and comfortable fit. The brand’s beginnings are why Oakley is so renowned for sports sunglasses, and much of the original technology is still used today, along with other developments too. These include advanced lens types, particularly for sports where polarization is key. Read on to learn all about it!


The initial sunglasses launched by Oakley were the Factory Pilot Shades and Oakley Lite, designed specifically for sportspeople. Today, the brand continues to work closely with top-performing athletes. The sports people test the products and report back, ensuring the sports sunglasses are as good as possible. 


Oakley didn’t take long however before branching out into lifestyle sunglasses, making the brand accessible to all. Their first pair of lifestyle sunnies were the Oakley Frogskins, which continue to be best sellers. 


Following this, it was just 6 years between the first Oakley ski goggle being invented in 1983, and their infamous M-frame making its debut in 1989. M-frame is actually a nickname the style has adopted, with its full title being the Mumbo frame, and by the way, it’s always a popular pick.


To work out which of the Oakley sunglasses frames will suit you best, have a go with our Virtual Try-On tool. It allows you to virtually try on hundreds of pairs of sunglasses! 


Prescription Sunglasses from Oakley


Once you have chosen which Oakley frame you want, it’s time to add your prescription if you want to turn them into prescription sunglasses. This can be helpful so that you don’t need to wear potentially irritating contact lenses beneath your sports sunglasses. 


You can add your prescription to any of the Oakley frames, you just have to enter your details when prompted at the checkout. The lenses will be perfectly fitted into the frames and arrive ready to go! You can also choose the colour of lens tint you fancy, and there are benefits to each. For example, a green lens might be better for water sports. 


Polarized Oakley Sunglasses


The key decision to make when choosing to buy sunglasses online is whether or not you want them to be polarized. Polarization involves adding an extra filter to the lens which creates a horizontal barrier against reflected light. This is in addition to the vertical barrier found on regular sunglasses. The extra layer blocks horizontal wavelengths reflected off surfaces like metal and water, thereby eliminating the blinding effects of glare. Polarized sunglasses are therefore popular with water sports and road activities where the sun bounces off car parts, for example, running and cycling. The great thing about Oakley is that they have sunglasses for exert sport, such as Oakley golf sunglasses and Oakley fishing sunglasses. Their most renowned models are probably the colourful designs they make for cyclists. 


Oakley Sunglasses


So what makes Oakley sunglasses stand out? They are manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure top performance. The arms are comfortable yet grippy, so they will not fall off your face mid-game and neither will they prove irritable. The frames are also incredibly durable. This increases their chances of being impact resistant - so they should not fall apart if hit by a tennis ball, nor will they show too many bumps and scrapes. This also means that if well looked after, they will last you for years and years. Such quality makes it well worth paying a higher price for such specs. However, with SmartBuyGlasses, such an investment is unnecessary. We offer a best price guarantee on all our eyewear, so you can be sure you are getting the very best deal. However, for the Oakley sunglasses sale, you will want to regularly check our deals page. The flash sale and clearance page will almost always have a bargain to be found, you just have to be quick enough to get there first! For a head’s up on Oakley discounts, sign up to our mailing list and follow us on social media.


Shopping Support


Along the way to making your purchase of Oakley sunglasses, there are plenty of useful tools on offer to make shopping online as easy as possible. For example, if at any point you have a query about prescription lenses, you can get in touch with our certified online opticians at any time of the day or night for help. You can also browse our extensive selection of optical care articles in the Optical Centre. The information is up to date and relevant to all glasses wearers. 


When deciding which pair of Oakley sunglasses to go for, a vital tool is the Virtual Try-On tool. This will help you visualise the sunglasses on your face before committing to purchase. If you aren’t sure where to start as there are so many different Oakley designs, the tool will also come in handy. This is because the technology scans your face and tells you what shape it is, and therefore which style of frame will flatter you most. Once you have a frame design in mind, you can filter the options to narrow down your search.


For inspiration, here are our all time favourite Oakley sunglasses South Africa:


OO9013 FROGSKINS: these full rim square frames are available in the widest selection of colours. There are plenty of summer-ready hues to choose from, and all frames are hypoallergenic to keep irritation to a minimum. The Oakley state of the art technology also shines through in the Iridium coating which both reduces glare and offers a better quality perception of images. They are also suitable for both men and women!


OO4060 CROSSHAIR Polarized: These men’s aviator glasses are the perfect go-to as they will flatter any face shape. The sophisticated colour scheme is equally perfect for pairing with any outfit and sporting to any occasion. You are guaranteed top-notch protection from UV rays and the prism black colour is perfectly sleek whether you are rushing through the urban jungle or hiking through the mountains.

Once you receive your Oakley sunglasses, be sure to share them with us on social media with the #SBGClub and tagging @smartbuyglasses, we may even feature you on our feed!