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Kids Sunglasses

We know that ensuring your child’s eyes are protected during the summertime, at school or on playdates is essential. Kids' sunglasses are crucial to protect your child’s eyes when outdoors. Whether you’re on a playdate, hitting the beach or on holiday, we have plenty of stylish kids' sunglasses for your little one to choose.


Should kids wear sunglasses?

You might think this question is pretty obvious, but your child must wear sunglasses outside, especially during the summertime. Eye problems can occur at any age, so your child should start preventing them early by wearing kids’ sunglasses. Children need sunglasses, as the lenses in their eyes allow more UV rays to pass through and can cause future eye problems. We can all agree that kids spend far longer outside than adults typically do. Therefore, this additional exposure, combined with their increased susceptibility to UV rays, makes eye protection a must.


What kind of protection should sunglasses have for kids?

The next important decision is to decide which kids’ sunglasses protect your child’s eyes the most. The most important quality of kids' sunglasses is that they can block harmful UV rays. However, the amount of online choice for kids' sunglasses might feel overwhelming. Keep in mind that choosing kids’ sunglasses with total UV spectrum protection, which block 100% of UV rays, is a key feature to look out for. To check if a selected pair offers this guarantee, read the online product description to know the UV blocking capacity of the brand. Look out for category 3 and 4 sunglasses for the best protection. 


Do kids need polarized sunglasses?

Kids’ polarized sunglasses use an anti-glare filter for light to pass through, which makes colours more distinguishable and adds clarity to vision by reducing glare from the sun. Unlike non-polarized kids' sunglasses, polarized ones ensure your child experiences minimal eye strain while wearing them.


However, although kids' polarized lenses reduce glare from the sun, they do not offer additional sun protection to your child’s eyes. If your child’s eyes are sensitive, a polarized pair of frames will help them see in reflective conditions, such as when playing in the sea. So, while polarized kids’ sunglasses are not necessarily better for eye health, they can help stop your child from squinting so much. Find out even more about kids’ polarized sunglasses from our experts.


Where to buy kids’ sunglasses

So now that you know how to ensure your child’s eyes are protected, perhaps you want them to help them show off their personality on the playground. Ensure you go for high-quality frames and lenses, and don’t settle for less. Rather than unverified street vendors, shop from credible retailers to avoid buying fake or low-quality sunglasses. 


We know that kids' sunglasses must be suitable for their lifestyle. Take care to read product descriptions to ensure the frames and lenses are durable and will withstand the rough lifestyle of kids. 


With SmartBuyGlasses, you can find an array of high-quality, stylish and affordable kids' sunglasses in all colours, shapes and sizes. And, if you are concerned the sunglasses you choose won’t fit or suit your child, read our size guide and give the Virtual Try-On tool a go. This revolutionary technology allows you to see yourself virtually in your chosen frames!


Kids’ designer sunglasses

Explore high-end designer brands in seconds, from Chloe to Ray-Ban Kids, Polaroid to Oakley. Your little one will be sure to look sharp on the playground. Not only are these kids' sunglasses designer brands, but they are high quality, durable and offer high-level UV protection.


Affordable kids’ sunglasses

Maybe your child is prone to tumbles or plays a little too hard on the monkey bars, so you prefer to opt for cheap kids’ sunglassesSmartBuy Kids offer more affordable options, which cost a fraction of designer frames with great durability. Also, with every purchase of SmartBuy Kids, we donate to a Zambian mother and child in need with the Buy One, Help One project. Your purchase will make a difference to a family in need.


Kids’ prescription sunglasses

If your little one is long or short-sighted, we have the solution for you! Once you choose a frame you like, most of our kids’ sunglasses have the option to add a prescription by selecting ‘buy with prescription.’ You can then choose from distance or progressive lenses to suit your child’s needs. If you don’t have your child’s prescription at hand, you can use the free Lens Scanner app to find their prescription details from their current pair of glasses. However, if you know your child requires an eye test, you can visit your local optician and proceed to use the prescription on any of our kids’ prescription sunglasses. 


When considering purchasing sunglasses for your child, remember to consider the quality, durability, UV protection and style! Protect their eyes and make them look even cuter than they already do. Who wouldn’t want a fashionable look and healthy eyes for their child? Buying a pair of kids’ sunglasses is one of the best gifts you can give your child.