Options and Coatings for Lenses

At SmartBuyGlasses, our full-range of optical services includes a range of professional coating options such as transitions, polarization, tinting and mirror. Shopping online for your prescription glasses or sunglasses has never been easier!

Tinted Lenses

It can reduce glare in harsh lighting conditions. Unlike transition lenses, a tinted lens’s color will always remain the same. Lighter tints like pink are used for fashion purposes, whereas darker tints such as grey or brown can be used to provide sunglass protection.

Eliminate glare, protect from UV rays and improve visibility in sunny conditions. Polarized lenses are perfect when near water, snow, or other reflective surfaces that produce glare, which is why they are commonly found in ski goggles.

Are also known as photochromic lenses. They will automatically change their level of tint according to the light conditions  when exposed to UV light. This kind of lens helps the wearer enjoy life in different light conditions, indoors and outdoors. The transition lenses we offer are available in grey and brown.

Offer a reflective coating commonly known as a “ mirror coating” or a “flash coating” on the outer layer of the lenses. This decreases light passing through the lens, making it convenient for winter sports. 

Prevent digital eye-strain and blurred vision caused by long exposure to digital screens. Our high clarity transparent lenses are designed to protect your vision from harmful blue light.

Also known as “clear lenses”, they have no actual prescriptive use. This means that they cannot correct vision and are just lenses usually worn for aesthetic reasons. 

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