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Kids’ Blue Light Glasses

Kids’ blue light glasses are the eyewear necessity of the century and are here to stay. You might feel that kid’s blue light glasses are unnecessary at this point in your child’s life, but it’s never too soon to prioritise eye health! Blue light is a colour in the visible light spectrum that produces high energy. It is all around us, makes the sky blue and glows from the TVs and computers we use every day. Does that mean you should consider buying kids’ blue light glasses for your child? Let’s find out.


Are blue light glasses ok for children?

Kids’ blue light glasses don’t damage children’s eyesight, but in fact, do the opposite. They can help to maintain eye health and improve various health issues related to staring at screens for long periods of time. Therefore, kids’ blue light glasses are most suitable for children who spend a lot of time in front of digital screens. Blue light glasses for kids are the eyewear of the future.


Why do kids need blue light blocking glasses?

Today, the average child in the US spends up to 30% of their time looking at digital screens. The blue light emitted from these screens is linked to blurred vision, eye strain, dry eyes and tired eyes. Research has also shown that overexposure to blue light can suppress melatonin, making it difficult to go to sleep at night and feel less alert in the morning. If your child enjoys watching their favorite show before bedtime, the blue light from the TV can make it more difficult for them to fall asleep.


Our kids' blue light blocking glasses contain zFORT® technology that helps minimise the adverse side effects of blue light. This is done by blocking the blue light wavelengths that can cause detrimental damage to the eye. Invest in kids' blue light glasses today by simply adding zFORT® to help your child focus on screens with a much lower risk to their eyes.


Kids’ prescription blue light glasses

Ensuring your child’s eyes are protected from blue light is one thing, but ensuring they can see clearly is another. However, with SmartBuyGlasses you can feel reassured that your child’s prescription will be 100% accurate. If you’ve misplaced your child’s prescription in the house, give our free Lens Scanner app a try. The free Lens Scanner app will reveal your child’s prescription details from their current pair of glasses. If you are uncertain how to read your child’s prescription, check out our useful guide.


Kids’ prescription blue light glasses will help protect your child’s eyes from digital screens and improve their ability to see clearly. Better sight, fewer headaches and a happier child are guaranteed with kids' prescription blue light glasses. Although, if you think your child needs a stronger prescription, we advise visiting your local optician for an eye test.


Where to buy blue light glasses for kids?

When visiting your local optician, you can purchase kids’ blue light blocking glasses. However, an easier and more affordable method is to buy blue light glasses for kids online with SmartBuyGlasses. We ensure every pair of our glasses are durable and high-quality, so feel at ease when buying a pair of blue light glasses for your child. If you’re concerned the kids’ blue light glasses you choose will be low quality or fake, check out our authenticity guarantee.


If it’s your first time buying glasses online, use our Virtual Try-On tool. This revolutionary technology allows your child to virtually try on kids' blue light glasses before buying. The app is ideal for children who constantly change their minds about everything! Better yet, if the kids’ blue light glasses arrive and your little one decides they no longer like the frames, we have a 100-day return policy which means you can swap them for another pair.


Which blue light glasses are best for kids?

Whether you’re looking for a pair of kids’ prescription blue light glasses or a non-prescription pair, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our diverse brands, such as Gunnar, SmartBuy Kids and Montana Readers. SmartBuy Kids blue light glasses are very affordable, with a range of styles, colours and patterns for you and your little one to explore together. Gunnar kids’ blue light glasses are extremely popular due to the endless fashionable styles. A pair of Gunnar glasses are ideal for your child if you’re looking for a more stylish frame. 


Finally, Montana Readers are perfect for practical, everyday use with a combination of comfort and durability. If your child is quite adventurous on the playground, they’ll need a more durable pair if they will be wearing the frames day-to-day. Once you have decided on the right brand and frame for your child, remember to add blue light coating to your chosen frame!


The most important factor when choosing which kids' blue light glasses are best for your child is that the frames are long-lasting and comfortable and your little one likes the style! Remember to select the zFORT® blue light blocking lens coating at the checkout to ensure maximum protection. So, let’s put your child’s eyesight first and start shopping online for the perfect pair today.