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Contact lenses are a great option for anyone not comfortable wearing glasses for whatever reason. Thanks to SmartBuyGlasses, you can now buy contact lenses online South Africa. There are lots of brands available, so you can find contact lenses prices to suit any budget, big or small. There are also contact lenses available that have been designed to correct specific visual impairments, such as astigmatism and presbyopia. In addition, there is a range of contact lens types, so whether you prefer dailies or extended wear, we’ve got you covered. And perhaps you don’t even have a glasses prescription and are looking for coloured contact lenses. Lucky for you, there are plenty of contact lenses colours to choose from, and all for very affordable prices.


Are Contact Lenses for you?


There are pros and cons to every type of eyewear correction, and the various options can be better suited to some people and not others. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference.


One of the most common reasons people opt for eye contact lenses instead of glasses is because they are not comfortable wearing spectacles. It is true that finding the right frame for your face shape can be a tad daunting, as can the numerous lens options available. Contact lenses therefore take the stress out of such decision making - to a certain extent. A contact lens sits directly on the eye, and other people will not be able to see them at all. This means that if you are on a hot date and keen to impress in a great outfit, you don’t have to worry about glasses frames ruining the look. Your face can shine through instead. There are lots of people that also don’t like to hide behind large frames, and so prefer to have their natural facial features and character as the focal point. 


Another key advantage to contact lenses is that you can wear sunglasses over the top. This can save you from buying personalised prescription sunglasses, which can get slightly more pricey. In the same sense, opting contact lenses avoids needing a separate pair of glasses to sunglasses, or even clip ons. 


Some of the most popular uses of contact lenses however is for sports. Particularly with contact sports like rugby, or even tennis where you could risk the ball hitting your glasses frames, contact lenses are a valuable solution. They won’t shatter under impact like glasses, and your vision will be as clear as day. 


A final benefit of contact lenses is particularly relevant to the current pandemic. With everyone wearing masks almost constantly, the trouble of glasses fogging up has been highlighted. Contact lenses however, completely avoid this problem.


On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to contact lenses that are worth bearing in mind. The main one is that they can be uncomfortable for some people. Some wearers notice dry or tired eyes and struggle to adapt. Most people will get used to it, so it is simply a case of buying a pack and trying them out. If you do suffer any irritation, it is also worth considering which type of contact lens you are using. The daily contact lenses tend to be softer and therefore more comfortable than the longer wear lenses. 


However, it is always good to have a back up pair of glasses, just in case. You never know when you might accidentally drop one on the floor and not have a backup to hand. The SmartBuy Collection is fantastic for this purpose, as you can find glasses frames for as little as R 428 without compromising on quality. This means you can buy a spare pair of glasses for very little.


As mentioned, there are different types of contact lenses, and at SmartBuyGlasses, we sell them all. You can find almost every brand under the sun, including the most reputable labels like Acuvue and Air Optix. You can also find plenty of budget options, as good eyesight shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! There are often benefits to buying more than one pack at once, and there are often special discounts available, so we recommend signing up to our newsletter for updates on contact lenses prices and when they’re on sale. 


Daily Contact Lenses


Dailies, especially the disposable daily contact lenses, are always customer favourites. They are ideal for those with a busy schedule who may not have the time to carefully remove, clean and store extended wear lenses overnight. The disposables are simply removed and, you guessed it, disposed of. This makes them super hygienic as there is no chance of lens deposits building up on them, which reduces the risk of infections. This type of lens is also popular with those that do not wear contact lenses everyday. You might want to wear them to special occasions, for sports, or perhaps only on a weekend. It’s a very flexible option. 


As the most popular lens type, all the top brands offer them. There are the Acuvue Moist dailies, Aqua Comfort Plus, Dailies Total 1: the world of contact lenses is your oyster! A recent invention known as silicone hydrogel lenses has surged to popularity too, as the technology renders the lenses more breathable, moist and comfortable. The best selling hydrogel lenses at SmartBuyGlasses are the Total 1 and Acuvue TruEye options. 


Monthly Contact Lenses


One up from daily contact lenses come the monthly options. These are more economical as you reuse the same lens every day for a month, and keep it safe in a solution overnight. It has also been found that some people find monthlies to be more comfortable than dailies, owing to a larger thickness. Most monthly contacts are made from silicone hydrogel for optimum comfort, and popular designs include the Air Optix Aqua, Biofinity and PureVision2. 


Coloured Contact Lenses


These can be worn as prescription coloured contact lenses or plano (non-prescription) lenses. One of the most popular brands is Freshlook, where natural eye colours can be achieved in grey, blue, hazel or green. There are also ways to enhance your natural eye colour, offering a sense of depth and clarity to your eye colour. There are also options to go for less natural colours and make a statement, such as with violet tinted contact lenses. For more information, head over to the Optical Centre. 


Optical Centre


The Optical Centre is a platform for learning all about eye care. There is a whole section dedicated to contact lenses, so you can find up to date, accurate information about all the common misconceptions and questions about contact lenses. If you cannot find the answer to your question, you are more than welcome to send our online opticians a question. They are on hand 24/7 to answer any queries and help with the buy contact lenses online process. 


The most common questions about contact lenses involve their compatibility with the prescription. Contact lenses can be manufactured for any prescription, and are often designed specifically with one in mind. For example, you can find Acuvue contact lenses specifically for astigmatism or presbyopia. One of the most remarkable advances in contact lens technology is that you can get three prescriptions in one with a varifocal contact lens. There are no limits to their potential! So what are you waiting for? Shop online today.