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    Welcome to the home of buying glasses online! SmartBuyGlasses has hundreds of thousands of glasses frames on offer. They come in all shapes and sizes and follow all the latest fashion trends. There are even iconic models that are so timeless they never go out of style. Whether you are looking for top of the range designer brands or a money saving solution to vision correction, we have got you covered. Read on to discover which glasses are for you!


    Glasses for your Face Shape


    No matter what type of glasses you need, the best starting point is your face shape. This is vital because your new spectacles will become an extension of your personality. They may well be the first thing people notice when they see you, so they need to look good, and let your own features shine through in the best way possible. To make sure you find the right pair, learn your face shape and make sure you get a pair of glasses to complement it. 


    The most efficient way to find your face shape is to check out our Virtual Try-On tool and face shape guide. The Virtual Try-On tool scans your face and then recognises what face shape you have and recommends frame styles accordingly. The general idea is to get a frame that is very different to your face shape. So don’t buy round frame glasses if you have a round face as it will only enhance the roundness! Instead, consider a more angular frame style to balance out your features. 


    Once you know which glasses suit you best, filter by frame style to quicken your search. For an easier option, go for aviator eyeglasses, clear frames or rimless glasses as they go with every face shape, thereby making the process fool-proof! Aviator glasses are proven to look good on every face shape and their legendary look will remain in fashion for years to come. You can likewise dress them up or down for any occasion. Meanwhile clear frame glasses are bang on trend right now. You can get completely transparent frames that flatter any complexion and let your face shine through. Alternatively, you can choose translucent frames with a hint of colour to add a little pop to your wardrobe. This can be especially fun for the summer months. Finally, rimless glasses are super easy as there is no rim at all, you can barely even notice the glasses at all. This makes them the perfect option for those who are not confident in specs or don’t want to hide behind louder frames. Rimless glasses will go with any face shape and skin tone and look effortlessly stylish on men and women alike. 


    Most Popular Types of Glasses


    Reading glasses are one of the most commonly purchased types of eyeglasses. With everyone spending more time on computers, our eyes are straining and therefore aging quicker. This has led to an increase in people needing reading glasses. Whereas they were typically worn by those over the age of forty, they are now needed by younger and younger people. This is because as our eyes age they become less flexible. This is known as presbyopia, where you can see clearly at a distance but struggle to read text up close because your eye can no longer adjust to that distance. Reading glasses are therefore the perfect solution. 


    Reading glasses can be really fun as you aren’t wearing them all the time, you can have a bit of fun with them. Make a statement with high end designer fashion brands so when you pull them out to check the menu on a hot date you add a touch of wow-factor. Alternatively, opt for a chic and subtle pair so people will barely notice you wearing them! Technology in the world of reading glasses is ever evolving, and there are now frames specifically designed for ease of transport. This is crucial with reading glasses as you never know when the need to read may occur, so it’s good to have the specs to hand at any moment. The brands ROAV and Persol have thought this through, and now offer folding reading glasses. They are extra durable so they won’t break easily when hidden in pockets, and they fold down to the size of a phone to fit pretty much anywhere! 


    Another popular type of eyewear doesn’t even have to be prescription. Blue light glasses are increasingly popular with everything going online. We are much more exposed to the blue light emitted by digital devices these days, and so we need to protect our eyes. If we are overexposed to blue light we can suffer symptoms like headaches, tired eyes and trouble falling asleep at night. In the worst cases, mental health issues can arise as a result. Luckily, blue light blocking glasses are here to save the day. Some brands cater specifically to blue light glasses, such as Tom Ford’s blue light glasses. For a more economical option that is equally high in quality, check out the Arise Collective blue light range. However, at SmartBuyGlasses you can turn any pair of frames into blue light glasses South Africa by adding our zFORT coating. The filter is 100% effective in blocking blue light wavelengths and is perfectly affordable. If you have prescription eyewear, simply add the coating at the checkout, and if you don’t need vision correction, simply add your chosen glasses to cart, opt for non-prescription lenses and then choose the zFORT coating. This means that everyone can join in the fun of wearing glasses!


    If cheap glasses are what you are aiming for, be sure to check out the SmartBuy Collection. Their frame prices start super low, the quality is nothing short of great, and the frame styles are perfectly fashionable. It’s the best place to start for eyeglasses that don’t break the bank! Our favourite models include the Dolly for a classy retro look and the Scout which is designed in Asian fit for lower nose bridges. You can even buy sets of four clip on glasses so that you roll 5 pairs of glasses and sunglasses into one! 


    Shop with SmartBuyGlasses


    It’s super easy to shop for glasses online at SmartBuyGlasses. If you have any trouble adding your prescription details, don’t hesitate to send our certified opticians a question. They are on hand all day every day to help you with any stage of the buy glasses online process. You can also visit our Optical Centre for helpful articles on all sorts of eye care issues. 

    Remember that when you shop with us every pair of glasses comes with a price match guarantee so you won’t find specs cheaper anywhere else. You are also treated to a 100 day returns policy, free shipping and a two year warranty. And along the way you can make the most of our online shopping tools like our Virtual Try-On tool to try before you buy! So what are you waiting for? Get shopping today, and sign up to our mailing list and follow us on social to stay up to date with the latest offers on eyewear!