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Karen Walker Glasses

Karen Walker is a New Zealand-based fashion brand established in 1989. They offer a variety of women’s clothing, jewelry, and glasses. Karen Walker is popular for their unique designs that include bold shapes, striking patterns, and vibrant colors. Their design also has a touch of vintage flair that is creatively blended with contemporary styles for statement style pieces.


What are the signature design elements of Karen Walker glasses?


Karen Walker glasses are known for their bold designs when it comes to their glasses. Their designs feature a unique fusion of vintage fashion glasses, combined with quirky design elements. Their glasses feature their trademark ‘arrow’ motif, whimsical patterns, and retro aesthetic details. 


Do Karen Walker glasses offer a variety of frame sizes and styles to suit different face shapes?


Not only do Karen Walker glasses have a variety of contemporary square, rectangular, and oval-shaped frames to suit everyone. They also offer distinctive styles including oversized bulky frames for round-faced people and dramatic cat-eye frames for those with oval or heart-shaped faces. Their style variety includes classic rimmed glasses and sleek metal frames, along with quirky geometric glasses that combine a variety of bold patterns and colors for a look that stands out.


How long does it take to get used to new glasses?


Adjusting to new glasses depends on several factors including whether you’ve worn similar glasses before, if your prescription has changed significantly, how often you have to wear them, and how heavy or differently designed your new pair of glasses are. If you have worn similar glasses before and your prescription hasn’t changed a lot, it should take a few hours to days to get used to your new glasses. If there is a significant difference between your previous pair and your prescription, it may take a few days to a week to grow into your new glasses.